International Speaker
Expert in public speaking

International Speaker
Expert in public speaking


Mireille Jaton lends her unmistakeable voice to movie, TV and radio ads, to TV shows, documentaries, audioguides, audio books and corporate films. She speaks fluent German, Swiss German, French and English.

Are you looking for a pleasant and multi-lingual voice for your answering machine or your corporate movie? Contact Mireille, she’ll make you sound good.

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Mireille lends her voice in German and French to the Living Wage Campaign of the Bern Declaration. How fair is your favourite brand?

The Red Cross

For years, Mireille Jaton has lent her voice in German and French to the Red Cross for their TV and movie campaigns.

Video recipes Swissmilk

Swissmilk shows various filmed recipes in German on their homepage. Mireille Jaton translated those recipes in French and dubbed them with her voice in the Contentpark Sudios.

Voice overs in homestudio

Mireille collaborates with many professional recording studios as a voice talent. She can also do smaller projects in her own home studio. In cooperation with Omnimedia, the specialist for on-line advertisement, she regularly lends her voice to company videos in German, French and English.


Finally, a voice-over job in Swiss-German! The voice recording of the TV advertisement was done in Mireille’s home studio.